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Information where you need it. Check out the Links below for
*programming radios
*general amateur radio information
*studying and license upgrades
*Emergency management links
*HF band plan
*Part 97
and much more!

Programming radios
Please remember.....

With many radios when you make a change to a stored frequency, you need to resave that frequency to the preset channel in order to have the changes hold. This may be for a change in tone, power level used, or alpha-numeric name.
Also, many radios have two steps to program a tone - you set the actual tone frequency (for example, 151.4), and then you have to change the setting that tells it to use the tone within another menu setting. This is different for every brand.
The little Baofeng and Wouxun radios are quite popular right now, but to program them, well, can be a challenge. If you are having difficulty with programing one of these radios, check out some of the links below - they may be helpful.

Some more programming help for the Baofeng UV5R and UV5RA
(CHIRP software is for the UV5RA radios)

Also note that the driver for the cable used with these radios needs to be an older version, due to some nuances with the cable.
Programming cheat sheets
KE4RX - This page has a pretty good list of Ham Radio programming cheat sheets

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